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Dated: September 24 2020

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Home for SaleOnce you decide it's time to sell, the next step is to select the right real estate professional. This will ensure the process is smooth and that you accomplish your goal. Some agents deal specifically with sellers, while others focus on only buyers or both types of consumers. Below are some tips I think you'll find useful. 

Things to ask when selecting a real estate professional:

  • How will my property be marketed? Find out what strategies the agent will use and what marketing tools and resources they can access to reach a wide audience. Will the listing be online, with photos or a virtual tour? Will there be an open house or multiple open houses?
  • How will my home be priced? Discuss the pricing strategy. Review recent sale prices that are comparable and ask about the offer process. It's important that you understand what to expect throughout the entire process.
  • How often will the agent communicate with you? You need to be involved. Ask the agent if they will provide weekly updates on what they are doing to market the property. The real estate professional is working for you!

Selecting the right real estate professional may be the most important part of selling your home 

If you're considering a move, or hear that any family, friends, neighbors or colleagues are, contact one of our relentless agents. 

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